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6721689029_9ee344fa83_zDen Motorsport builds rally cars from scratch.  They specialise in modified and historic MK2 Ford Escorts and will occasionally build or work on Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Group N cars.

Den Motorsport is a privately owned company.  Barry McKenna Junior established Den Motorsport in 1999.  Barry had a successful rally career until 2006 when injury forced retirement.  With six personal rally wins to his credit and numerous highly placed finishes.  We are able to talk knowledgeably about his vehicles’ pedigrees and their reliability e.g. Glenn Allen (NI rally champion) achieved 44 finishes in 46 rallies in one year in a Den Motorsport Escort; a remarkable reliability record.  Glenn has won his class in 26 of those rallies and had 8 outright wins.

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IMG_10581.JPGHistoric Rally Car and Mk2 Escort Rally Car Preparation.

Allow Den Motorsport to carry out all your specialist preparation on your car.  Other experienced team pride ourselves on Quality, Preformance and Reliabilty.

phoca_thumb_l_white escort 2.jpgDamage Repair and Engine & Gearbox Overhaul.

Unfortunately rallysport is not without its share of accidents, here at Den Motorsport our trained team of professionals specialise in repairing and restoring your Mk2 Escorts and other historic rally cars.

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